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DeNador Design & Photography enjoys the challenge of creating effective page structures for publications whether it is for the design of the cover or the layout of the text section.

To view examples of Publishing Design, click here.

Effective publishing design affords the client a greater response from their publications. Whether it is design for a book, catalog, brochure, website or annual report the cover is of paramount importance. We work to find the right mixture of attractive graphic elements with headlines and text that can quickly relate the contents and intent of the publication.

This all takes into consideration the client's product or service and the market audience that will be viewing it. We also strive to enhance the readability and attractiveness of the interior text portion of the publication, keeping a close eye on how the text, photos, graphic elements (and sometimes charts and tables) relate to each other as well as to the viewer's eye.

We endeavor to use the text and graphic elements to pull the eye through the information to increase the comprehension of the subject matter.

The process first involves research into the following:

  1. the client's product or service

  2. the appropriate graphic design for their specific market and

  3. what the competition has produced for a similar type of product or service.

We use this research to provide three concepts that satisfy the requirements for the cover design and the interior layout, colors and graphic elements.

The client then responds to the first round of rough concepts with comments on which graphic design elements work the best to satisfy their needs.

This process is repeated for the second and third rounds which refine the imagery until a satisfactory design is selected.

Once the graphic design has been finalized the final step is to produce the publication. The files are checked, then re-checked and checked again.

Following the client's approval the publication goes through a detailed pre-press session to put it into the appropriate format, size, and color specifications for printing.

We specialize in offset litho print production but are also well versed in setting up print files for digital, screen, web, letterpress and flexographic printing processes.

If you have questions, please feel free to send an email to Dudley with Publication Design as the subject:

To view samples of Publishing Design, click here.

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