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DeNador Design & Photography is known for producing creative logo design. I have studied design most of my life and have been heavily influenced by the work created by my talented sister Claire. It can be tricky to get  simple lines and shapes to convey the visual representation of a company’s service or product and I enjoy that challenge.

Successful branding and identity systems promote recognition and enhance market profitability. The identity that your business or company presents to the world is crucial to your success.


I have over 35 years of experience in graphic design.

The process first involves research into the following:

  1. competition

  2. the appropriate design for the market

  3. visualizing the client's unique style

Once these criteria have been established I use the research to provide three concepts that satisfy the requirements.

The client then responds to the first round of rough concepts with comments on which design elements work the best to satisfy their needs.

This process is repeated for the second and third rounds which refine the design until a logo design is selected.

Once the logo design has been finalized the final step is to produce the logo sheet in varying sizes and with instructions on how the logo should be used.

Other, properly formatted versions of the logo will be furnished for website, email and print uses.

If you have questions, please feel free to send an email to Dudley with Logo Design as the subject:

For examples of Logo Design, click here.

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