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DeNador Design & Photography was started after I worked freelance for a number of agencies in San Francisco. In addition, while studying “Ogilvy on Advertising” and working with other seasoned pros, I learned how to apply eye-catching graphics and creative text to quickly attract and hold the attention of the reader.

Most advertising has a very short viewing period. We strive to use our expertise to stage an inviting ad that appropriately pulls the eye through the information and increases the comprehension of the subject quickly.

Research is the first element in the process of developing advertising design.

This first involves research into:

  1. The client's product or service

  2. The advertising medium or mediums being used

  3. The appropriate design for their specific market

  4. What the competition has produced for a siimilar type of product or service.

Once the advertising medium (print, net, direct mail, email, social media) has been established and the message clearly stated by the client the design process can begin.

We work to find the right mixture of attractive graphic elements with headlines, text, and graphics in inviting colors that quickly relates the client's message.

This all takes into consideration the product or service and the market audience that will be viewing it.

Direct communication with the representative of the advertising medium, following their specifications explicitly, and providing the correct file type and resolution are the final details for producing effective and attractive advertising design.

If you have questions, please feel free to send an email to Dudley with Advertisting Design as the subject:

For examples of Advertising Design, click here.

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