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DeNador Design & Photography provides videos and video production as a natural extension of my still photographic work.

The most compelling short films I’ve seen combine the best aspects of still photography, that being subject matter, a background that augments the subject (rather than drawing your attention away from it), good color and saturation then combining the effects of motion, voice, music and graphic elements to create the most engaging visual and auditory effects.

I use a number of different cameras depending on the type of lens needed, the number of cameras used and the duration of the video.

Most of the initial footage I've produced was for the sale of hotels and large properties. I’ve also shot  presentations and advertising spots for various clients.

For aerial videos I previously I shot video footage from helicopters and small fixed-wing aircraft, but this is not an easy thing to accomplish. Many trials with different cameras and devices including a few geo-stabilizing mounts were employed to reduce extraneous motion. Only small clips from those flights were ever used.

This all changed when quad copters became available. Remote quad copters have gone through a period of development in the past few years and only the latest DJI drones or custom remote aircraft have the capability to shoot smooth footage acceptable for professional uses. It has also been wonderful to experiment with autonomous flight software, like Litchi, that allows the operator to pre-program a flight on an aerial image of the area you’re shooting. The pilot programs the aircraft using a series of waypoints, telling the aircraft which way to go, at what altitude, while varying the speed and point of view to seamlessly create a smooth aerial film experience.

Video is a wonderful way to communicate and marries motion and sound with great photography.

If you have questions, please feel free to send an email to Dudley with Video Production as the subject:

For examples of Video Production, click here.

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