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DeNador Design & Photography began as a dream when I studied photography at Art Center College of Design which was in Hollywood at the time (1968-1970). The basics I learned at Art Center continue to serve me to this day.

All photography is a study of reflected light and that is how I approach each shot. In addition, getting the correct light for the photo's composition, is also a key.

I apply design principles to my architectural photography and use the elements contained in the image to form an interesting composition. Sometimes the slightest difference in angle can make the difference between an average architectural photo and an inspiring one.


Exteriors I usually shoot at a few times during the day to capture the essence of the building at each period of time. This can be quite illuminating and oftentimes results in some unexpected results. I use fill flash with exterior shots if the shadows need a boost. I also know how to mitigate excessive contrast due to shadow density.


One of my favorite times to shoot is at sunset and I've had the good fortune to capture some incredible photographs at that time of day.

Interior photography is still a study of light, but in this instance the light is a combination of the subject's interior lighting, exterior light coming in the windows and the fill flash that I provide with single or multiple flash units.

Again the composition is the key and if done from the right height and angle it can be both informative and striking at the same time.

If you have questions, please feel free to send an email to Dudley with Architectural Photography as the subject:

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