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DeNador Design & Photography provides fascinating views that are available from the air. My love of seeing things from above was a great deal of the stimulus that took me into aerial photography.


Much of the aerial work I have been hired to do has come from commercial and hospitality real estate brokers and management companies.

For examples of Aerial Photography, click here.

In 1992 I was hired by Colliers International to shoot aerials of the old Kodak building at the foot of Van Ness in San Francisco. I hired a Bell Jet Ranger out of Sausalito heliport and was belted into a harness where I could actually stand on the strut if I wanted. I didn't want to. I did get some awesome shots of the subject and also of the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge one of which won an award in Graphis Magazine and has since been featured in a few publications, the first was the cover of "Trends in the Hotel Industry International Edition 1992."

After spending many hours in the air in helicopters and small fixed-wing airplanes I've learned how to best  "see" the subject from the air.

I've learned to take into consideration the time of day for the correct light, the low altitude that best shows the subject in addition to various altitudes that adequately show the subject within the surrounding area.

Now with the advent of quad copter aerial drones, aerials are easier for me to coordinate. Instead of booking flight times and repeatedly canceling, due to poor weather conditions, my drones are available when you are (weather permitting) and with them I am able to do a wonderful job of taking low-level shots of the subject.

Many of the aerials I shoot now feature close photos of the property taken at roof height, in addition to the higher altitude shots to show the subject in the area surrounding it.


Drones do have limitations on altitude (only 400') and may only fly within 5 miles of an international airport and 1.2 miles of a local airport.

Aerial photography is truly one of my passions and I look forward to all my aerial assignments.

If you have questions, please feel free to send an email to Dudley with Aerial Photography as the subject:

For examples of Aerial Photography, click here.

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